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Predictive Analytics Symposium

February 2014
Georgia State University

As part of CCG focus on providing targeted technical support to campuses in key completion areas, the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University (GSU) presented a Completion Symposia on using predictive analytics to enhance student success.  This practical workshop focused on how GSU has changed work flow and organizational culture as well as use of technological tools to drive significant success.  

New Learning Models Summit

November 2013
Georgia Institute of Technology

A forum to gather and share information about the manner in which the USG will engage with MOOCs. This forum explored faculty compensation models as well as how MOOCs can compliment eCore. Videos from the conference are available here.

Summit 2013

February 2013
University of Georgia Conference Center & Hotel

For two days in Athens, nearly 400 leaders gathered from University System and Technical College System institutions, the Governor’s Office, state and local K-12, and key industry and community groups. National partners set the stage on the role of education in attracting and growing economic opportunities. Economic needs were deconstructed beyond jobs to show the skills and adaptability required of a relevant workforce. Participants encountered data and ideas that show the true potential of the state lies intrinsically with pursuing the potential of all individuals